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Knucklebuster:  This is not really a single article but an incredible resource of info and instructions on how to complete your project.  This page could be complete with just a link to this site alone.  All hail Grail!

How to Make a Seat Pan: This is a link to a seat by a great custom seat maker that explains how to make your own seat pan from fiberglass.  I had always done it from metal and tried this on a bike with a weird shape and it came out great first try.  Really great directions and materials list.

How to Polish an Aluminum Engine:  This link provides some simple procedure for polishing an old engine.  Make sure to clean it first with Engine Brite or similar.

Dan's Online Motorcycle Repair Course:  So, you don't know anything about motorcycles or you have question about something but you are afraid your buddies will laugh at you?  This is a great resource for general understanding of motorcycle operation and repair.


2012 Timonium Motorcycle Show:  Click here to check out all the cool bikes we saw at the show.

2012 Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show (Charlotte):  Click here to see who brought their creations out to the Show.