Stardate: February 2012 - Each year, the Progressive International Motorcycle Show tours the country showcasing all the newest bikes from the different manufacturers.  I know, big hairy deal.  Normally, the best thing to see at this show is some jackass buying a bike he can't afford and probably can't ride because some slut in hot pants is telling him how great he looks standing next to it.  While the Progressive show is everything we here at GBB.com are sworn to battle (or at least make fun of), there is one redeeming facet of the show: the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show.  This is a show within the show which gives an opportunity for local builders to show off their work.  So we set aside the fact that they stole our logo (which we probably stole from somebody else) and we went down to Charlotte to see what we could see.  There were a lot of great bikes or at least great ideas.  I took a load of pictures and have my favorites below.  If the info in the caption is wrong, sorry about that.  Feel free to e-mail me and I will fix it.  Jaydog
Beginning in no particular order, this is "Old Black".  
This hill climber not only had chains on the tires for traction but drives on each side.
Extremely well done with details for days.
I have a real weakness for Goldwing customs and was happy to see one represented here.
But who was the guy that said, "You know what this bike needs: a red tail!"??
One of my favorites with this 50's Harley.  It really kept its old school soul.
Neat horn and fingers set up.
The flat sided tank with wood accents was tres cool.
Exceptional attention to detail here.
The old school graphic on the tank and angel tailight put this one on my list.
The green paint with gold accents really set this bike off from the crowd.
The color scheme was really smooth here; the heads to the frame to the tank.
Another example of that textured paint again but
what I really thought was different was the custom leaf spring fork and the brown frame.
There were a couple of exotics that are worth mentioning.  This one is called "High Roller".
Massive bodywork on this bike.
This BSA with sparkle tank and smoke stack exhaust was just plain cool.
While I know it is kind of silly, my favorite was this Tron looking exotic.
Note the front static control arms.
Quantum Leap's business end.  But why the Huffy bicycle handlebars?
Quantum Leap's steering is in the rear.
Making it easy to park, I guess.
This Star Racer was very sharp.  Really captured the board track racer look but was a complete fab.
The detail in the faux board tracker was really something.
Well, that's all she wrote for Charlotte!  Head back to the Main Page to see what else we've been up to.  Return