Stardate: February 2012 - When I heard Lowside Magazine was going to be running the swap meet section of the Timonium Motorcycle Show, I decided that I needed to check it out.  For those of you that aren't familiar with the Timonium show, it is a classic vendor show on steroids.  The promoters tout it as the largest winter show on the East Coast.  YMMV.  While I usually go to the manufacturers' shows to get ideas and scoff at the sticker prices, I really wanted to see see this swap meet which is smack dab in the middle of probably the biggest and most active custom bike community on the East Coast, Baltimore, MD.  (Again, YMMV).   Anywho, my and the little women drug ourselves into the land of ice and snow to see what we could see and had a great time.  There were a lot of great bikes there and met some nice folks along the way.  I took a load of pictures and have my favorites below.  If the info in the caption is wrong, sorry about that.  Feel free to e-mail me and I will fix it.  Jaydog
A lot of shops had their bikes out to show off what they are doing these days.
Choppers and bobbers were the predominant design choice.
Though my focus was surely on the bikes, being too far away to haul parts,
there were some parts guys out to help you with that hard to find item
Mobtown Cycles had a good showing with several bikes on hand.
One of my favorites of the show was this '68 Sportster.  Like it so much, I came home and bought a '76.
Mobtown also had this beautifully done street tracker, custom built for someone that skipped out on the bill.
Some lucky visitor got to take it home for $5k!
Mobtown had this real clean bobber as well.  Real old school.
This side really shows off the Y-exhaust and the low slung frame.
But who is using those passenger pegs??
There were a couple of trike offerings at the show.
This one from Mobtown was one of the sleekest.
The paint on this bike from Independents Choppers was unreal!
It had a texture to it.  The guys in the back were enforcing the "Do Not Touch the Paint" sign.
Kundratic Kustom Motorcycles had a larger booth in the main show
 but showed off this sick paint job in the swap meet area.
There were quite a few cafe bikes at the show.  Loaded Gun Customs had some of the nicest.
I was so busy looking, I only got a picture of this one.
This was a really well done Yamaha from J-B Moto.
The pic doesn't do this paint justice.
NC in the house!
Rusty Knuckles showed off their apparel and this Buell Cyclone they are building to race this season.
Porky's Choppers had this no-nonsense bike that I really liked.
Detail on PigPen.
It was great to see some traditional chopper folks getting into other things.
This Triumph Bobber is from Porky's Chopper Co. sitting right next to a trike.
Note the right hand suicide shifter with linkage pattern.
Though I didn't have time to watch, some folks were building bikes onsite.
Here, a builder props up the cafe mold with the shock box while rolling the rear section.
The guys from Monstercraftsman were there showing off some of their parts on this unique build.
The tank was suspended from the backbone of the frame giving the bike a great line.
Monstercraftsman also had this killer cafe at the show.  Real nice guys, too.
The CutRate booth was unmanned, leaving me without the ability to buy a new shirt. Argh!!
CutRate had this very clean XS650.
The "rooster tail" fender is making a comeback.
Don't go away!  More custom bikes to come on the Official Show page!  Check it out!