After we got done at the Lowside Swap Meet, we decided to take in the Official Show where there were the custom bikes for competition.  Check out our favorites below.  If the info in the caption is wrong, sorry about that.  Feel free to e-mail me and I will fix it.  Jaydog
This '74 Sportster (or what's left of it) is a good example of cool custom work that
I have no clue who built it.  Nice bike though.  There were many small shop and one-off bikes on display.
Coolest part of the show was finding the builder and talking to them about thier bike.
Here the builder is explaining the front end to an obvious afficiando.
I am a sucker for simple, no-nonsense machines.
Very well executed example here and one of my favorites from the show.
Not only did Jeff Carr have a nice display featuring his bobber,
he also had a lot of info on hand about the build.  Incedible garage built machine.
Great example of a builder favorite; the XS650.
  The builder had a bunch of quirky posters printed as well for the display.
Some of the detail of this unique build.
Skateboard wheel tensioner and lunchox electrical box (guessing).
The next few photos were of these extreme customs built by Ron Finch.
They were truly amazing in person!
These bikes blew me away!
finch 3
Detail to the extreme.
Note how the color shifted as you get at different angles on these bikes.
finch 5
I guess you don't ride a bike like this but it is neat to look at.
Another XS650 but done in a totally different way.
This mild custom was a real eye catcher even in this crowd.
Really liked this front end with the thick spokes.
If you are looking for a parade float,
this Honda powered king & queen trike might be right up your alley.
Engine detail on trike.
Kundratic Kustom Motorcycles had a corral on the main show as well as their spot in the swap meet.
Cool custom with more of that textured paint.
My sig oth's favorite was beautifully done lean and mean custom.
A shot of how narrow this bike really is.
What is a big bike show without celebrities?  Here is Resident Evil theme bike by Savage Cycles.
At first, I thought this was just your typical Saturday night in downtown Baltimore machine. LOL
Last but certainly not least is my favorite bike of the show.
A true "rider's bike", this 74 FLH built by Vaughn Micciche was all business.
That's it all she wrote for this show folks.  Head back to the Main Page for more motorcycle mayhem.  Return